Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What I've been up to!!

Hello my crafty friends, I have missed y'all!! Boy have I been busy making pages, I have really been on a roll lately!! I get the love for 12"x12" pages now, and I could never go back!! LOL!! I am looking at doing 81/2"x11" pages, although I haven't seen ANY pretty 81/2"x11" paper packs??? (Yes, I know I can cut the paper to size but it's not the same for me) I have really been going through the Two Peas In A Bucket Gallery, for ideas.. When I get stuck and need ideas I will try a few different places for ideas, even Google Images.. Pinterest is a great place too, but then I just end up looking at EVERYTHING else!!!!! I really wanted to share a page that I am SUPER proud of.. If you follow me you know I love the Glitz Design lines, and they also have a great story..

I got really brave and tried using spray inks, I have been watching tons of videos on how to use them.. I have to say some of these ladies make things look WAY too easy!!

I hand cut the Dream-Catcher from another page in the pack, I wanted to use the paper it was on but it was just too dark.. It took me a little while to cut it out, it's no where near perfect, but I love it!!  

I used one of the gold foil labels from my Studio Calico Project Life kit (September), I use stuff from my kits on everything.. Some people don't do it that way, and that's okay too!! Whatever works for you, as long as your doing something that makes you happy!!

I am so in love with the gold trend, I hope you are giving it a try!! I had to use these gold Thicker's, aren't they pretty!!!! I'm also always trying to find a way to add enamel dots.. In this post I showed y'all two examples of bold trends that I'm loving, what trends are you loving right now?? Leave me a message and let me know what trends your playing with!! I can't wait to see what y'all are up to!!